Physically based Sound

Is there any way to produce sound in Processing without incorporating sound file? What I mean is generating physically based sound based on interactive simulation and animation. Please check the video FoleyAutomatic

not understand the “physically based” here, but
did you check out the minim library?
and [file][examples][contributed libraries][minim][synthesis]…

Well, taking into account that this was made by a University and only published 2 to at most 3 years ago, i’d say that such a system is not included natively in Processing, and probably not even as an external library for Processing specifically, but you might be lucky and find a library for java in general… Then you just need to implement it, if it even exists. But you could try to contact the University, or the individuals that made the Project and see if you get their code, and then (if it’s not java) you could simply take the concepts and implement them into java. Or you will have to make it yourself, but that sounds very hard to me, thought should be doable if you have experience with sound physics in real life. I have no idea how that worked, but i assume it has to calculate the shape and run it through some code that checks for sound wave behaviour before and then just apply that data to coordinates in the shape and make each coordinate have values to use to calculate them together with impact speed, and material that is used in both cases. So… it might actually be quite easy (at least doable within a month or so) to get a basic system that works.

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