Permission problems on raspberry PI

Hello !

I recently get a raspberry PI 3 B+, and one of my first project was to make a server with my RPI.

For that, i choose “processing” and the “network” library…
but when i try to initiate my server, i get this error :

RuntimeException: Permission non accordée (Bind failed)
(permission non accordée [french] = permission denied [english])

i think that processing doesn’t has the permissions to make a server
So, how could I give this permission to processing ?

thank you,

  • Noé
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It is very likely not related to Processing but to your operating system. How do you run your code? If you are calling the file in your shell, I would think you need to use sudo or have the proper permissions to run the file (chmod command for example).

  • Are you following any instructions to setup the server? If you are not, I would recommend you search for one and start with them (and share them here)
  • Make sure your code runs by testing it in your local environment first.

Providing small code snippets will also help in this cases.


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Thanks for your reply, i’ll see that, I keep you informed