Pd4P3 - A new real-time audio synthesis library for Processing

I hope this is a good place to make an announcement like this. I have just recently released a real-time audio synthesis library called “Pd4P3” which stands for “Pd++ for Processing 3”. It is a library based on Pure Data’s signal processing objects.
It’s available in the Contribution Manager under “Sound” and GitHub: https://github.com/robertesler/Pd4P3
I’m actively developing it, improving it, documenting it, and working with it and would love to invite others if interested. I’m also willing to provide free help or tutoring if anyone would need it. My goal is to create more audio programmers and remove some of the barriers to entry for my students. See the GitHub link for more information about the project.
Thanks for reading this!


fantastic library thank you for this work

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thank you for joining this forum and thank you for this great work

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