Sound libraries

Hello. I’ve been tinkering with Processing for a while now and wanted to use it to learn a bit about sound sythesizing. I’ve been trying the Beads library for about a month and, although it’s very good, I feel it’s a bit wonky the way it uses function variables to modulate frequencies.

I’d like a recommendation from someone experienced on the best library for a newbie. I’m mostly concerned about synthesizing, specially modulation. Not as much about sampling. Any words on the ones out there would be a time saver and greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried minim? It has “A real-time synthesis framework based around unit generators, which we call UGens.”

I read a lot of comments on Minim and I like the idea of UGens wich, although wonky on it imo, is basically how Beads works aswell. Will check it out.

Beads is great, likely to perform better than Minim (buffers vs single samples), and can use alternative backends like JACK.

Also check out JSyn, which IIRC is used under the hood in Processing Sound now.

I’m currently working on releasing a new standalone version of Pipes, the audio engine in PraxisLIVE, which has some benefits over Beads but really needs lambda function support to be nice to write.

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