PCD @ Worldwide

hello! I’m a volunteer from Stockholm, and I’m eager to hear more about how to get started on preparations for the Processing day. I haven’t participated in one before, so it would be great to see some material or just hear your ideas about PCD.


Hello @haschdl, thank you for your interest in the event. An organizer in Stockholm had registered to host a PCD there. Shoot me a note at day@processing.org so I can connect you. There is no standard format for the PCD event, however we will send out an Organizer’s Kit in late summer / early fall to provide a basic template.

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Thank you @xinxin! I connected with the organizer here.

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I’m Allan Berry. I work at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and I’d like to organize a PCD somewhere in this city. I believe I am already registered. Thanks for this cool idea! I’d like to hear more about what people might expect from a PCD.


I am Chris Coleman, a Professor at the University of Denver. I have registered to host a PCD day in our Emergent Digital Practices facilities and am looking forward to pulling together a community of users in our region around Denver, Colorado, (USA)!
I am happy to see some guidance and organization coming down the line from you all - seeing the big event get organized and then offering tickets so early was intimidating but I think at the same time models some of what we need to do. I guess my big question is if this is a guided model where you all will provide lost of recommendations and instructions or is it a franchise model where you will provide some visual and conceptual assets but we are mostly on our own in terms of defining what we will do?
Understanding how far you all will hold our hand will help me understand how much I need to self drive :grinning:


Hello all. :slight_smile:

Short introduction.
My name is Daniele Tabellini and I’m based in the countryside of Tuscany/Italy. Someone know me as @fupete on github and elsewhere.
Since 2013 I held a course/lab in explorative programming and advanced interaction design at design.unirsm.sm, the Design Master at the University of the Republic of San Marino. I use Processing, and recently P5.js, as the main tools of the course.
I also use Processing as a tool to build performative instruments for my art practice since P1.

PCD/San Marino
The idea for our PCD/San Marino is to use the University as a main site during the day for some public presentations and a couple of workshops, and to find a local club/theatre for the evening to build a live byod performance night.
Everything is yet to be designed, suggestions and proposals are welcome. We will open a thread here in the forum dedicated to PCD/San Marino next weeks.

Cheers, have fun.


Hi Chris! Thank you for your message. To answer your question, we think of this as a franchise model where node organizers design the PCD format / topics based on their local communities and resources. For instance, a PCD hosted at a university may look very different from a PCD hosted at a community center for young teenagers. Nevertheless we hope that PCD @ LA can model some possibilities for organizing a Processing Community Day. Feel free to use / remix any ideas from the PCD @ LA event if it suits your event.

What we will be providing is an Organizer’s Kit (coming to you in about a week!), which includes a very simplistic step-by-step guide, community code of conduct by @dorothy, tutorial package provided by @lmccart and @shiffman, and PCD logo for re-use & remix.

We do not manage or distribute tickets on behalf of our satellite PCD events. Though we do encourage organizers to provide affordable options to include more people. PCD @ LA is trying to do this by fundraising scholarship funds through early bird ticketing, but there are other ways to approach this too.

I’m happy to answer questions and give feedback along the way if it’s helpful :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi! I’m a volunteer from Quebec city. I’ve been playing/working with Processing for several years now. I’m a graphic design teacher at Sainte-Foy cegep (college) and I’ll be organising our Processing day within the college, because I want people to learn about this great tool.
I’m not sure about the detail of the activity(ies) we’ll offer. I guess I’ll read what other people prepare and get some ideas. This is going to be fun.


Hi @aljabear! I’m also in Chicago and work at DePaul University. I would love to coordinate organizing an event if you’re interested. I’ve just moved here and am still getting to know the city, so it would be great to work with someone who has a good sense of the community already. Happy to help any way I can.


Hi @kjhollen! Glad to meet you. My wife Tiffany Funk and I are both at UIC, and would like to help produce a PCD. There were also a couple folks at the School of the Art Institute who were also interested.

I’m new to this forum; I figure it’s a good place for us to get organized? I’ll encourage the other Chicago folks to be registered here also, so we can all connect in one place.

I setup a thread for this here: Processing Community Day @ Chicago


Hi all! I’m Justin Lincoln. I teach New Genres & Digital Art at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. I’ve been teaching Processing for about 8 years and am teaching P5JS for the first time this semester. I’m most interested in manipulating realtime graphics. At a workshop this Summer Casey Reas suggested that I host an event at my school in conjunction with Processing Community Day. Now I see on the map that there’s also an event in Spokane which is not so far away. I may be reaching out to that organizer to see if there are any ways we might help each other.


Hey everyone ! My name is Patrik and I will be hosting the event in the wonderful city of Paderborn, Germany. While Paderborn has only 150.000 inhabitants, it is home to both a highly regarded faculty of computer sciences and the world’s largest (no kidding) museum of computers.

I am currently talking to the university, different maker spaces and the HNF-museum to get everyone together for this exciting event.

A bit about myself: I have worked as a Creative Director for 10+ years but have recently shifted my attention full-time to generative design. In other words, I develop creative algorithms that tell fresh and meaningful stories in the realms of art and design.

You can find out more here: www.patrik-huebner.com . Also, I am open for every contact, chat and discussion with like minded people.

Let’s make the PCD 2019 a great event and share our enthusiam for this wonderful way of thinking, designing and working :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! My name is Lindsey french, and I am currently teaching at the University of Pittsburgh in the Department of Studio Arts. I teach with Processing a lot! I am also teaching p5.js for the first time this semester. I’m new to the school and the city, but excited to connect with others and work together to organize an event this year.


Hi! I’m Naoto Hieda, one of the organizers of PCD Tokyo. I work as an engineer/artist and use Processing for creation - recently I was remixing Dan Shiffman’s coding challenges.

@xinxin I have a question: is it ok to open a thread for PCD Tokyo and communicate in Japanese? I’m totally fine with English but some organizers/participants may feel more comfortable in Japanese.


Hi @micuat, totally! Please feel free to organize in ways that serve your group’s best interest.


Hi! I’m David Harris, organiser for PCD Brisbane. I’m a new media artist and I lecture/teach in the interactive media program at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. We use p5.js in a range of classes in both undergraduate and graduate level courses for artists and designers who haven’t coded before. We’re still working out our plans for PCD but I anticipate we’ll have some showcases, some discussion about p5/processing in a university teaching environment, and also talk about additional things we think it would be useful to build for our purposes.

Last year, I built a small set of functions to do 3D object picking in a p5.js canvas because some students wanted to be able to do that and we couldn’t find anything already built. If you’re interested, here it is: https://github.com/physicsdavid/mPicker (Note that it’s not well written in any sense nor in a state to try to meld it with any larger body of code, but it did the job for what we needed.) I also had a look at using it to see whether I could get a software paper published on the basis of it being research in the creative arts and did that here: https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.00475

Looking forward to the event!


Hi everyone! I’m Kenneth Lim, 2018’s Processing Fellow and prospective MA student, and I am one of the organizers hosting the upcoming PCD@London, UK. Please feel free to reach out if you have an idea or just want to help out in general.

I’m currently joined by Joel Gethin Lewis, Tariq Rashid, Danilo Di Cuia, Tom Lynch and Phoenix Perry on the main organizing team. Some of us are away from London over the summer (myself included) so not much progress has been made yet but things should get rolling very soon so any of your ideas would be very welcomed!

We’ll be starting a thread of our own soon.


Hello I’m Rich of http://rich.gg

I did teach a course on creative coding at the Reunion Island Fine Art School
but my course didn’t get enough traction within the school.

The thing is Reunion Island is a rather small and very remote place so we will
have to cast a larger net to attract potential creative coders.

So I’m taking the oportunity of PCD to organize an event capable of
promoting creative coding to a wider audience.

My plan is to make it a day long workshop with a presentation of creative coding
and Processing and then try to bring the student all the way to a finished little piece
of software they can bring home.

The Fine Art School is willing to help me by providing a space, an internet connection
and, hopefully, some machines, as well as a bit of communication within its network.

The Architecture school that lives next door could be coming along and I also plan
to communicate outside the schools system, to local web agencies and artists network.

One of the challenges to attract people is the availabilty of information in French

Also I’m very curious what kind of tutorial people here are planning to provide within their PCD,
with what goals and what amount of time

so I guess this is PCD @Reunion Island ^^

ps: very happy to meet you guys !


Hello, everyone! I’m Woosung Jung, an organizer for PCD Seoul. I work at the Seoul National University of Education where the PCD are going to be planned to be held. I am looking forward to the Organizer’s Kit. I really need those materials or guides for the event. Please share your ideas. Thank you.