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Hello everyone! My name is Lindsey french, and I am currently teaching at the University of Pittsburgh in the Department of Studio Arts. I teach with Processing a lot! I am also teaching p5.js for the first time this semester. I’m new to the school and the city, but excited to connect with others and work together to organize an event this year.


Hi! I’m Naoto Hieda, one of the organizers of PCD Tokyo. I work as an engineer/artist and use Processing for creation - recently I was remixing Dan Shiffman’s coding challenges.

@xinxin I have a question: is it ok to open a thread for PCD Tokyo and communicate in Japanese? I’m totally fine with English but some organizers/participants may feel more comfortable in Japanese.


Hi @micuat, totally! Please feel free to organize in ways that serve your group’s best interest.


Hi! I’m David Harris, organiser for PCD Brisbane. I’m a new media artist and I lecture/teach in the interactive media program at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. We use p5.js in a range of classes in both undergraduate and graduate level courses for artists and designers who haven’t coded before. We’re still working out our plans for PCD but I anticipate we’ll have some showcases, some discussion about p5/processing in a university teaching environment, and also talk about additional things we think it would be useful to build for our purposes.

Last year, I built a small set of functions to do 3D object picking in a p5.js canvas because some students wanted to be able to do that and we couldn’t find anything already built. If you’re interested, here it is: https://github.com/physicsdavid/mPicker (Note that it’s not well written in any sense nor in a state to try to meld it with any larger body of code, but it did the job for what we needed.) I also had a look at using it to see whether I could get a software paper published on the basis of it being research in the creative arts and did that here: https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.00475

Looking forward to the event!


Hi everyone! I’m Kenneth Lim, 2018’s Processing Fellow and prospective MA student, and I am one of the organizers hosting the upcoming PCD@London, UK. Please feel free to reach out if you have an idea or just want to help out in general.

I’m currently joined by Joel Gethin Lewis, Tariq Rashid, Danilo Di Cuia, Tom Lynch and Phoenix Perry on the main organizing team. Some of us are away from London over the summer (myself included) so not much progress has been made yet but things should get rolling very soon so any of your ideas would be very welcomed!

We’ll be starting a thread of our own soon.


Hello I’m Rich of http://rich.gg

I did teach a course on creative coding at the Reunion Island Fine Art School
but my course didn’t get enough traction within the school.

The thing is Reunion Island is a rather small and very remote place so we will
have to cast a larger net to attract potential creative coders.

So I’m taking the oportunity of PCD to organize an event capable of
promoting creative coding to a wider audience.

My plan is to make it a day long workshop with a presentation of creative coding
and Processing and then try to bring the student all the way to a finished little piece
of software they can bring home.

The Fine Art School is willing to help me by providing a space, an internet connection
and, hopefully, some machines, as well as a bit of communication within its network.

The Architecture school that lives next door could be coming along and I also plan
to communicate outside the schools system, to local web agencies and artists network.

One of the challenges to attract people is the availabilty of information in French

Also I’m very curious what kind of tutorial people here are planning to provide within their PCD,
with what goals and what amount of time

so I guess this is PCD @Reunion Island ^^

ps: very happy to meet you guys !


Hello, everyone! I’m Woosung Jung, an organizer for PCD Seoul. I work at the Seoul National University of Education where the PCD are going to be planned to be held. I am looking forward to the Organizer’s Kit. I really need those materials or guides for the event. Please share your ideas. Thank you.


Hey everybody! Rune here. With a few other good people, I’m organizing PCD Copenhagen. We’re still figuring it all out, but please shoot ideas for speakers my way if know of any in the region. Thanks!


Hi everyone!
I’m Alfredo Calosci, a visual and interaction designer based in Madrid (Spain).

I’m writing on behalf of Creative Coding Madrid (formerly ProcessingMadrid - http://blog.processingmadrid.org) where we plan to organise a PCD@Madrid event.

We are an informal group of interest; since 2013 we have organised - quite regularly - workshops and public talks on creative coding, physical computing, generative design, virtual reality, mapping … focusing on openFrameworks, Processing, Arduino, MaxMSP, OpenGL, WebGL, web VR, p5.js, three.js … in different locations / spaces in Madrid including: MediaLab Prado, DIMAD-Matadero, UCM Faculty of Fine Arts, MakerSpace Madrid, CIBALL.

We’re still figuring it out format and dates and we are open to contributions. We will keep everybody updated.
Nice to be in touch !




I just had a chat with Woosung (PCD Seoul organizer) and he asked me if there is a template or material for presentations / workshops (intro to processing, for example). I know that the format of every PCD is open but it may be a good idea for every community to share material by google drive or github so that it can be useful for other communities.

Although there’s not content yet, we made a github organization for PCD Tokyo and we are planning to host our website and workshop material there.

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@xinxin is there a guideline about pay for the lecturers / workshop tutors who participate in PCD? How was it for the first PCD at MIT?

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Hello there!

I’m Marlus Araujo, organizer for PCD Rio de Janeiro - Brasil. I’m a designer and visual artist, and have been sketching with Processing for about 10 years. I’ve been working with digital interfaces and computer graphics, from websites and data visualizations to projection map and visual experiments with code. Here is my website: http://marlus.com

Since 2010 I’ve been promoting Processing and Arduino workshops. My plan for PCD is organize a Processing Weekend, together with my creative coder community in Rio. I’m still looking for the right place, but the idea is to have some basic workshops (introductory, for processing and p5.js), some thematic workshops and case presentations (datavis, computer vision, generative art, womens in tech), and also some satelite discussions and workshops (introduction to openframeworks, processing and puredata, processing and arduino).

Can I look for sponsors for the event?

Thanks! I’m very happy to be part of this too, yesterday I was giving a workshop on Processing as part of the http://multiverso.cc festival.


Hi Marlus! Thank you for organizing PCD @ Rio. You can certainly look for sponsors for the event. I’m aware of at least a few other nodes who are also seeking sponsorships in their cities.

Hi Naoto, this is a good question. Currently we don’t have a universal guideline for pay that would apply to every PCD @ WW event. But generally speaking if an event receives financial support or charges entry tickets, I would recommend to prioritize providing stipends for the lecturers / tutors before spending the money elsewhere. Both PCD MIT and PCD LA provided stipends to invited conference guests based on an estimated calculation of the time and effort they might put in to create the presentations. PCD LA will be posting our event budget later in the year to show how we allocate our fundings and also to keep our financial structure transparent.

If the event is small, completely run by volunteers and you’re unable to provide stipends, then it should be stated clearly and the organizers should find other ways to create mutual and non-monetary exchange to better support the volunteers.

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Hi everybody!

I’m Federico and I’m writing on behalf of Codice Inutile. We are a no-profit organization based in Italy and we’re trying to plan a PCD in three different cities: Milan, Rome and Bari.

We are a group of people and everyone is contributing to realise a great event. We are using our Slack channel to put ideas together and sort out all the problems and challenges. If anyone in Italy :it: is interested in helping us, he/she is more than welcome!


Hi, नमस्ते(Namaste), はじめまして(Hajimemashite),

I am Abhinav Garule, currently delved into new media studies at National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar, India and organizer of PCD@Gandhinagar. We use Processing in our various New Media Design projects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Kinects etc.

With organizing PCD, I wish to invite new media artists and NID alumnus who worked on Processing to share their expertise and explore learning opportunities at Processing from each others.

Looking forward to organize PCD, :smiley:



Hello everyone, my name is Winnie Soon and together with Anders Visti, we are the organizer in Aarhus, Denmark. I use both processing and p5.js and taught both before at university. Both Anders and I are artists, and we are very much looking forward to introducing creative coding to wider communities and audiences. We definitely see this as a community outreach event. We will have our first organization meeting next week on PCD and we successfully gather more people to join in the organizing committee as well as helping on the PCD. More info soon.



My name is Leila, from Tuzla (Bosnia & Herzegovina). I am the co-founder of Laboratorium (or Lab :slight_smile:), which is the organizer of PCD2019 in our country. We are happy to be part of the community! Also, happy to get in touch with the rest of you girlz/guyz :smile:

Will post also more infos about the event hopefully soon!


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@xinxin, thanks for the organizer’s kit! I try to make this accessible to the local community (especially the CoC part) and started to translate to japanese

I hope others can help me so that we can crowdsource the effort. Also I’m sharing it here to spread the idea to translate to languages of each community to make the event successful!