P5.js Web Editor - Menu Open?

If I can export something (a project) to my computer by Menu / File / Download
how make the inverse : export something (a project) from my computer to my accompt ?

menu / File / Open gives not possibility of that…
What i miss ?
Thx by advance

Uploading/importing files
When you add a file, click on the big white rectangle at the bottom.

Downloading/exporting files
Click file and then download.

This ?

Yes, but I see you have “add folder” open at the same times so you will need to close that as it is overlapping.

Yes I thought that a new add will erase all was yet existing!
Seems if a file index.htm is yet existing , its name was increasing like index-1.html so a big mess :slight_smile:

So what i must make for import a new Project from my computer ?
Erase first one by one each file on the project folder ? Seems multiple selection is not possible…
I don’t see a Close function on the Web Editor…I surely miss another “hiden” little thing!

Sorry for these trivial questions but that is no simple like File / New, Save, Load, Import, Export, Close :slight_smile:

And Daniel Shiffman has not detailed that on the Web Editor videos ! :slight_smile:

This medium post explains feature in the p5.js web editor: https://medium.com/processing-foundation/hello-p5-js-web-editor-b90b902b74cf. Check the explanation by Cassie Tarakajian.


Thanks : very educative but alas not about my specific questions! :slight_smile:
She just says “Download on your computer as aspected” without details…
and erase files one by one…
Seems little short for my trivial problem! :slight_smile: