Overriding touches

I’ve created a Live Wallpaper that involves a lot of dragging about. While executing it, the system tries to shift the homescreen, and the transition distorts the wallpaper. Is there a way that I can prevent the system from reading the touches in some particular area?

If you mean the home screen app’s icons I guess not.
Could you post a sample code when this happens?

@KnightOfBurgers ===
you cannot override the home button , that would be against android main principles: the user is free to quit your app at every moment

No, guys. I don’t want to lock away the user. I wish to prevent the home screen from interfering with my Live Wallpaper.
Let me explain: I have a 3D image on the Wallpaper and I wish to rotate it using touches. I use mouseDragged() to get the vector and rotate thr matrix by that angle. But, as you may have seen, if you swipe sideways on the homescreen, a screen transition occurs. I want to avoid that.
Is there a way to do this?