Live wallpaper app icon


I made a live wallpaper app, and I uploaded it to google play. That’s great but my problem is that live wallpapers in processing don’t have an icon in the launcher. It can be set from wallpapers under live wallpapers. This makes it hard for people to find(it’s different on different devices), and I get 1 star reviews because of it.

Is there a way to make a settings app, from which users could enable the wallpaper?
Or a shortcut to the wallpaper settings?

Thanks in advance

I’m researching this, too. In Samsung devices, live wallpaper settings are hidden, so I need the user see an option to change between different wallpapers.

Also, wallpapers can have a special, big icon, according to android reference.

@Boti ===

  • It 's forbidden by Android to set the wall paper without user interaction
  • Normally you have to go to your settings and to the wall paper chooser where you can see what is installed; here you can see the P5 icon (that you can modify and customize as you want)
  • What you can do is an app which is seen in the launcher and acceed directly to live paper selector: that is easily done using an intent with ACTION_LIVE_WALLPAPER_CHOOSER: it is a kind of shortcut.

Just a question.
When I run a wallpaper app for the first time, I have a oreview and then I choose whether or not install it.

When I go to the live wallpaper menu in my Samsung phone instead, I can’t get a preview. If I touch the wallpaper app icon, it is selected as wallpaper before I preview it.

Is it a flaw on Samsung (Samsung themes seems to be designed for user use Samsung content instead of live wallpapers), or is it a flaw on the processing side?