Disable/ignore touch completely

I’d like to have a full screen sketch, with further non-Processing code below it. And have the whole thing stuck in: ScrollView > LinearLayout.

The Processing sketch doesn’t have any touch interactions. Disabling touch events in the sketch would allow the rest of the app to accept touch events.


@derekkinsman ===
i think i guess what you are doing. Yet, what are the other views that you want to interact??? Android UI like buttons or other view widgets?

Posted this in the wrong thread, need more coffee I guess.

Basically the P5 stuff is working in the same way any other graphic is working. Imagine you have a page that exists as a ScrollView, and the page is 5 device screens tall. The first “screen” is a full screen Processing sketch. You then scroll down to read some text stuff. I’m looking to scroll a page without Processing trying to track the touch events.

Cheers again!