OscP5 not working after exporting to apk processing android

My project was working fine until I exported it and installed it on my android phone.
The previewer did its part correctly, but the exported app was not doing all the connection stuff…

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What does the code do?
Are you making a connection with another device?
If so did you give the “CHANGE WIFI MULTICAST STATE” permission?

@Why_I_Use_Processing ===

  • Can you explain better what you have done?
  • Technical infos about the os running on your phone? Are you using APDE or P5?
  • What do you mean by connection stuff?
  • Put some relevant part of your code

Ok I solved the problem.
I was using APDE for your information on my android phone and I just forgot ask for network access permission that was already given to the APDE’s sketch preview but not to the exported app…

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