Oroga cubix! [3D GAME]

hello people, I bring you a game that I’m doing, I’ve been building the framework for a long time and it’s finally finished, with the limitations in performance that it tries to process but saving this works quite well.

I hope you like the look you are taking.

For now it is only the “game concept” to make sure that everything works correctly, in a short time I hope to get the playable version for Windows and Android.

Greetings and I hope you like it.
DOWNLOAD DEMO: https://www.dropbox.com/s/geoy9qi3814gnhf/oroga.cubix!.zip?dl=0


New game content!

After tuning and fixing some problems with the 3d engine I can start adding cotnenido, this is a sample of the “simple” animation of the character with a subtle movement and texture change, and a small sample the enemy bomb!


Base enemy implementation.
with 3d walls collision capable and distance threshold.

Enjoy it!

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Test new models… Daemon eye!

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Last tech demo, events, UImessages, collisions, bombs, teletransport portals, levels, hearts, lifes… etc etc…

This already starts to look like a game!
Powered by [PROCESSING 3.5.3] for Windows, macosx and Android!

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Great stuff!

One remark:

The 3D camera is moving nicely

But it’s always from south pretty much.

It could look cooler when it would turn around the player entirely and basically follow the player with a distance when it moves.

I might have a program somewhere that does this

Thanks for the suggestion, it’s a good idea, I think I’ll prove it to have an effect. the truth is that I have settled for this camera and I have not set to modify it hehe … but I have to try it!

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