On Specifying the Renderer, sketch is taking too much time to open the Sketch

I’m currently using Processing 3, version 3.3.7.

PC Specs :
Windows 10 Home
Core i5 7200u
Intel Graphics 620

I’m beginner to Processing 3, so, I don’t know much about it now but the size function has three Parameters. When I don’t specify the third Parameter the Sketch opens quickly.
eg. size(640,480);

But, when it specify the third Parameter with P3D or P2D, the sketch takes about 1-2 minutes to open.
eg. size(640,480,P3D);

From other forums, I found that its a problem of Open GL which can be removed by Updating my
graphic driver but the problem still exist. Also all the other drivers are also updated…

There is not any resource shortage issues as the processor remains under 20%, ram and disk usage is at normal when i try to open the sketch.

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I was going to ask you to post this on Github, but I just checked and saw the post is there too: https://github.com/processing/processing/issues/5521

Let’s see if this is a bug in the software or some other incompatibility. It’s not the behavior we’ve experienced yet.

This issue was resolved on github issues, as linked above. It was antivirus software scanning the OpenGL libraries. Running the sketch with disabled antivirus solved the speed problem for OP.