Numpy 2.0 release

The 2.0 release candidate of the Python library Numpy will be out soon (if not available already) and Python libraries that depend on it will need to make some small adjustments because version 2.0 will have some breaking changes with the 1.x versions. You can read more about the changes here.

py5 depends on numpy and I believe I have correctly made the necessary changes. However, it is recommended that Python libraries set numpy dependencies to <2.0, blocking the 2.0 release, until it can be tested. py5 is going to be doing this. Therefore, there will be a small py5 release in the near future that will include this change and a few bug fixes.

BTW, most of py5’s coding changes were in the Py5Vector class. @mcintyre , I vaguely recall you used py5’s Py5Vector class code for something? Or was it someone else? In any case, the new code for that class is available on GitHub.