New p5 (native Python) release!

Hello everyone,

we’ve been working on p5 (native python) for this year’s Summer of Code as well, and we’re happy to announce the first developmental release. Take a look at the full release here.

Feel free to test this out, make more sketches, and let us know what you think :slight_smile:



You should add the installation link at the end of your page above. The installation link you are referring there is the one located in the webpage? (Can’t access P3 webpage… firewall here sadly)

In a nutshell, you are using vispy instead of jython. Previous Processing Python API has mostly been preserved, but the new version solves many bugs and issues present in the older version so I understand. Cool!


Ahh… sorry. Forgot to add the link there. The documentation is located here: where you can also find a link to the installation page.

In a nutshell, you are using vispy instead of jython.

While that’s true. We were never using Jython in the first place. This is not the Python mode for Processing but a separate Python library that we started work on last year.

Thxs for clarifying. I corrected my post above. So the python mode was not affected. Then, this is a library that one adds on this mode? Tbh, I am not familiar with the library but more from what I gathered from prev posts.


This blog post summarizing last year’s summer of code might clarify some things. And if you’re interested, here’s what we are working on for Google Summer of Code 2018.

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