New py5 release! Version 0.10.0

Hi everyone! We wanted to let you know there was a new py5 release a few days ago. py5 is a version of Processing for Python 3.8+.

This release has many exciting new features, including:

  • New color mode, in addition to RGB and HSB. The new colormode is named CMAP and is built around matplotlib’s Colormaps.
  • Support for Shapely objects, letting py5 draw Shapely objects to the screen in addition to Py5Shape objects
  • Support for Trimesh objects
  • Lots of new documentation
  • a ton of bug fixes and other small enhancements. See the release notes to learn more:

If you are interested in Python, give it a try! Any questions, please let us know!

@sableRaph, or any moderator : can the Processing Discourse have a py5 category for posts? There is one for p5py and Whenever I want to post something here related to py5, there is never a good place to put it.


Congratulations on the release! I have added a py5 category and applied it to your post.

Thank you, @sableRaph , and thanks for adding the py5 category!

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