Nowadays, p5.js website is supported by which Java version?

Hello everyone,
This is Diksha shukla. I am a front-end developer and programmer. I am excited to contribute to the processing foundation. I was started to contribute to the p5.js website but got stuck in the setup part as
the first requirement that they mentioned in the README file is to install java but didn’t tell me which version I have to install. So, I got confused.
That’s why I need your help.
Thank you for your time.

I’m not sure where you saw an indication that you needed to install Java, but it is not a requirement for developing or running the p5.js editor website. Here is the correct guide to follow when preparing your development environment for working on the p5.js editor website: p5.js-web-editor/ at develop · processing/p5.js-web-editor · GitHub


Okay. Thank you for providing me with the resources.

No problem. By the way, I think I might have misinterpreted your original question. When you said “the website” I was assuming you meant the website. However if you meant which includes reference, examples, and tutorials; then that actually does require Java, but only for HTML validation. When you build the site locally it validates HTML using grunt-html which uses the Nu HTML checker which requires Java 8 runtime or later.

It’s ok. Yeah! I was talking about the p5.js org website
So, when I open the Java downloads documentation it shows latest version of Java SE 18 . But I don’t know if this website supports the latest version or not.
So, can you tell me which version is supported by this website?

For the most part Java Runtime Environments are backward compatible (they can run .jar and .class files that targeted older versions of Java). So in theory you could run any version of Java between 8 and the latest. If you want to know for sure either just try it, or do more research on the Nu HTML checker (that web page says “8 or later” so I would assume that 18 will work fine). I don’t have Java installed and I don’t work on the www website, so that’s all I can tell you.