"No response from server" error with sound files

Does anyone know what this error means? It happens on my code sometimes, I reload my sound files again and it becomes fine and then it happens after a while again.

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Hard to tell with so little information to go on. If it fails and a simple refresh of the page solves the problem, maybe the error message means what it says literally? That your internet connection is somewhat shaky, like weak WiFi. Could that be a possibility?

One thing that stood out to me in your sketch was this part in index.html:

  <script src="The Light of Day.mp3"></script>
  <script src="Short Meditation Music - 3 Minute Relaxation, Calming_cI4ryatVkKw.mp3"></script>
  <script src="The Mountain_Rk6_hdRtJOE.mp3"></script>
  <script src=" Tony Anderson - Ember_CfsTfmFNV_c.mp3"></script>

Did you intend that? The mp3 files probably won’t do a remarkable job posing as JavaScript. :blush:

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@Sven how do you think I can solve this?

This is my code: https://editor.p5js.org/achandra/sketches/C44WogVw2

Ive been working with this for a long time and it didn’t have this error initially. Sometimes it shows this bug and then once I reload the sound files, it works again.

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I don’t know, as I can’t reproduce your problem yet. It works fine for me.

But I do think you should go back, read my last response, and answer my questions. :wink:

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I’m pretty new to coding so I haven’t been able to figure this out. :frowning: I’ve been following what’s given on the p5js website for sound files and thats what’s giving the error I suppose, I’m not sure

Here’s the link – https://p5js.org/reference/#/p5.SoundFile

Yeah, I saw that in your other thread. See my answer there. If you create a minimal sketch, as I suggest, we will probably figure out how to solve this from there. :relaxed: