"No response from serve"r error with sound files

MY code has been giving this problem for a long time and I cant figure this out. It also doesn’t run on other people’s computers when I try and give them the link to my code.

SOMETIMES it gives this error -

There was no response from the server at https://assets.editor.p5js.org/5e31c08407ab100017c99cd7/f479f145-6fad-457e-9853-e5e595190e35.mp3. Check the url and internet connectivity.
The error stack trace includes: loadSound at preload (about:srcdoc:2216:7)

There are no errors in the url or the internet connection. IF I reload the sounds, it works for a little while and then stops working. I’m not sure what the problem is. Even if this error is not there, most times the code doesnt run on other people’s computers. IT just says “Loading” and the page is blank. I cannot figure out how to solve this! Please help!

Here are my codes -


Hello @achandra,

I would love to help bust, just like last time, it’s a bit of a challenge. :slight_smile: Mainly because:

  1. I can’t reproduce the error, it works for me in Safari on macOS.

  2. You say the problem only appears sometimes. Those kinds of issues are the hardest to debug. (You’ll want a bug to be reproducible.)

  3. The code samples you have is relatively complex and contains some stuff that makes little sense, like importing mp3 files and try parsing them as JavaScript (<script src="The Light of Day.mp3"></script>).

Try authoring a sketch that does nothing more than loading and playing an mp3 file. Does the same problem appear in that sketch?

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