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hi, using a sound example file from the p5 website I get this error when i try to run it on my computer, it worked yesterday but its stuck on loading now, even though i’m using the same code and running it through brackets and chrome, i’ve also tried to run it through sublime, is it stuck on a firewall or something, appreciate the help, thanks

If its stuck on loading…, try to see if it correctly loads the sound file/if the path is not compromised. Would help to see the actual code/where it is stuck.

it works sometimes so i think the code is correct i ran this example code to be sure, i have the same problem with this code, so it sounds like a file path problem, i’m running the files locally and i’m not sure how to check if the path is compromised, it’ll probably work later on today, i don’t understand why it only works some of the time, thanks