New update. Version not compatible

Am now getting this error due to recent update.
Can anyone simplify solution?? ASAP !!

(Was all K prior)

it is impossible to say from that little information you give :slight_smile:
there is no hint about incompatibility, obviously processing attempts to execute your code
then it gives you an error message, so the first question would be if you did what it asks you to do :slight_smile:

next, write the smallest patch possible, run it. if it runs, the probability that its in your code is higher.

next, post your code if you can’t find the mistake.

Not sure why the update would cause this but it might be possible to fix it by going to preferences and increasing the maximum memory. Otherwise it means you have a function which is storing a lot of things in memory.

without the rest of the code though, we might as well guess what your problem is.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Yes - shortly after posting the issue I realised it was due to memory allocation reverting back to initial settings.