Every time i use P3D this came out

can’t find the intel graphics

please specify? Version of processing, version of OS (Mac/Win…), graphics card, py or java flavour etc.

maybe update your graphic card driver

Thank you !

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i update it yesterday. and i use windows10 and processing-3.5.4.the graphic is NVIDI RTX 2080 Max Q

plz ,give me any information. :sob:

Did you check your memory processing is using?

Did you try a standard 3D Sketch from the p3d tutorial ?

Do you have setup and draw?

.it worked several hours ago .when i close it and open it again after a while .it has error.

1.i set max memory to 255mb in preferences window.

2.yes! i try reference code.the same error


I fix it by download 64bit processing .!yeah!

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