New 3D FPS game engine!

Hello forum and Happy New Year!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Check out this new game engine I’ve made! And feel free to utilize the code in any way you please!



Happy new year and thanks for sharing! :wink:

I think it’s better to put your code as separate files on GitHub instead of a single zip archive since people can freely look at the source without cloning the repo (that’s what I wanted to do)

Do you think it’s possible?


Good job man, and a happy new year!!

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Sure! I rarely ever do this type of stuff so I’m not familiar with all the etiquette, I will try to update the github as you’ve described

Now, do you mean taking ALL of the individual files within the zip, and uploading them individually to the project? Or do you have an example I can look at to better understand what you mean?

Edit: nvm, I’m looking through some examples right now. I will work on an updated version

Edit 2: It’s done as you’ve suggested! However looking over this format I see that it’s not as organized as some may want, so I shall make a few further changes

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