Need Help with Android tint

can someone help me that I come from transparent to an empty picture?

PImage startlogo; 
int start_time, tnt, count;

void setup() { 
  startlogo = loadImage("logo.png"); 
  startlogo.resize(displayWidth, displayHeight); 
  start_time = millis();
  tnt = 255;

void draw() { 
  image(startlogo, 0, 0);
  tint(255, tnt);
  tnt -= 5;
  if (millis()-start_time > 3000) { 

@Rogo ==== sorry; can you explain better…

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I need a start screen like Netflix :grimacing:

I want my picture to change from normal to transparent, so actually an animation with my picture from normal to transparent @akenaton

@paulgoux === this reference is for java mode: not sure that it works with android… Have you tried? - As for me i think (not tested) that you have to create an imageView, add the image to it and use some method like colorFilter

@Rogo === i have tested with an imageView an colorFilter: it works - android MM, android Nougat; yet there are other solutions, less elegant but probably working also