Need help for Gsoc 2020 for a new library on particle system

I am Shreyansh, B.Tech undergraduate student from India. For GSoC 2020 I wanted to make a dedicated library for a particle system. Currently, as it stands right now the particle system is a very complicated topic and is not under development. Only two references are present in the examples section.
I want to make a dedicated library for the same that would have many features like the prewarm, shape of emission, over lifetime control, noise and a lot more. I would implement it through OpenGL and processing core libraries.
I would like your thoughts on the same if Processing requires such a library or any suggestions on the same.
Thank You.

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Hi @ShreyanshAnchlia

As far as I know Processing already has at least 5 libraries dealing with Particle Systems:

In my opinion a perfect library would combine the speed of the PixelFlow library (GLSL) with the level of customization of the Culebra library


Hi @solub,
Thanks for the clarification.
I was thinking of more ECS based approach. This would ensure high performance. Using a shared pooling system can further improvise on the efficiency of the system. Using these along with high customization especially on the rendering system and over particle lifetime control can make it a very powerful tool.