Need coding ideas

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Does anyone have any fun coding challenges to do? Perhaps a website or something like that. Preferably some simple games, since they are usually interesting with a trick to figure out.

Well anyway, thanks in advance for all the suggestions.


There are so many.

Make a Tic-Tac-Toe Game

  • Main Menu: choose 2 humans play against each other, 1 human plays AI, 2 AI play against each other. Make different AIs that play against each other in a tournament, each pair 10’000 games.

  • Make a 3D version of TicTacToe with the same

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Could i challenge you to make something using the recent quatree i posted. Maybe combining it with particles or boids.

Make a Fifteen Puzzle Game.

Main Menu:

  • select game mode (time trial, limited number of moves, etc)
  • leaderboard
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What if we had a weekly or monthly challenge here on the forum, so that everyone could participate and publish their approaches? The challenges could be thematic and / or focused on answering recurring questions here on the forum. We could even create a new tag (“weekly challenge” or “monthly challenge”) to specify posts related to this subject. I think it would be quite interesting and fun for the community here.


Well, The Coding Train has many interesting coding challenges you could try to replicate and then look at his code to see how he solved them afterwards.

What if we had a weekly or monthly challenge here on the forum?

I actually think that’s a really cool idea!


Could you post a link to the comment? I can’t find it