I need help for a code please

Hello i have to do a game on processing,
This game is an aim trainer with circles and when we click on them, other spawn…
The game must have 3 levels of difficulty and a point counter.
If the circles can have different size and colors it could be great, and my game must be original.
Someone know how to do that, Thanks for your time.

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Hi! Welcome to the forum. As you can see in the guidelines, this is not a place to ask others to do your homework. But we can suggest a couple of things. If you are totally new to coding, I suggest watching Dan’s tutorials

and… if you want to somehow “cheat”, maybe this tutorial from Dan does similar to what you asked for (you can find the source code in the link)

I know how to do that.
If you’d like to hire me for a private software program, you can email me. My rates are quite unreasonable! tfguy44@gmail.com
Or if you’d like to get help here, publically, for free, you should post the code you have so far (or if you have no code at all, attempt to write some first!), as well as what you think is wrong with it.