Native Python and Processing (Priority)

I’m interested in the Native Python and Processing project.
I’ve gone through the issues #19, and have forked the repo to dig deeper into the issue.
I would be glad to receive a starting point or a kind of coding challenge that would help me to understand the project better and further have my proposal.



Hi @Vivek2898 – glad that you are interested in p5py!

I would also recommend responding on issue 19 on github and directly addressing the main contributors to that repo with questions, as they are the ones most familiar with that code.

Have you reviewed the project on the project list and reached out to the potential mentor?

thanks for the reply Jeremy,
I believe Abhik Pal is the possible mentor of the project.
I tried reaching him out on gmail but as you suggested a better approach would’ve been directly reaching out through the issues, as it might also help other people as well.

I’ll make sure to keep you updated with any further progress.

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Great, @Vivek2898 – I think that github is the way to go, although it is possible that @abhikpal might also be using the forum – I’m not sure.

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Hi! I realize this comes extremely late, sorry! I had not been active on the forum lately.

For most of the rendering issues that are currently open, some knowledge of OpenGL and vispy will be necessary. Other than the issues that are currently open or the features that are missing, I can’t think of a “coding challenge” that might be helpful.

To understand the rendering code, I would suggest using core/ as a starting point and then looking at sketch/ and sketch/


Thank you for the response Abhik.