My GUI fellowship application made public

Back in 2018 I wrote my application (as in document) for the 2019 fellowship program.
I’m picking up the work on the GUI library to release a small version soon.
Anyway, I thought it would be nice to make the application public, so here it is:


This seems super useful, and I wonder, is the library code hosted somewhere public?

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Thanks so much for sharing this. Also, very much looking forward to seeing the GUI library when you are ready for an initial release – thank you for working on it.

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If anyone knows anyone good with opengl then please ask if they can look into this:

I have this problem for over a year now and it’s really demotivating me. It’s not a layer in the project that could be fixed, it’s a chain in the system that has to be fixed.

Oops, sorry I missed that mention (which answers my question), ha. Thanks!