Minim - android, help with library


I’ve been trying to create a simple signal generator with Processing for Android. With non-android processing, minim has been awesome, however it cannot be used directly with android.

There is an implementation for the android-version, which can be found here:

However, my noobishness raises its head, and it seems I am unable to use it without help.

So, the question is, how to make it useable with processing? I’d be happy to learn something new. (Alternatively I am looking for a kind soul who could make it to a library suitable for android-processing?)


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I know it doesn’t really answer your question, but the rewrite of the Processing Sound library that I’m in the process of wrapping up this week supports both PC and Android out of the box. Its functionality is a bit limited in comparison to minim, but then again it’s very simple to use and might just do the trick for you. You can find more information and installation instructions here: Early builds of the new Processing Sound library available for testing


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Hi, thanks for your answer.

It might actually do the trick. Thank you, both for the reply and your effort. :slight_smile: