Android Mode Midi - Tutorial request



I’m looking for a tutorial about Midi in Android mode.
The Sensor Tutorial on Processing for Android is great, so something like that for would be really really helpful. Unfortunatly I couldn’t find anything on the web so far.

Best, sensn



can you be more precise? - Android supports natively midi files and can play them with media player…


I’m looking for a way to send CC and Sysex-data to an external hardware synth. I’d like to make a soundeditor-app, and I think this could be possible with Processing for android, but I don’t know how to set it up. I’d need to know how to implement MidiManager and Input/Output ports from
Maybe a simple example how to send a Note-on event to a external hardware-synth would be enough to get started.



i think that it s possible; i have done things of this kind with Eclipse but leave me some days for trying with P5…


Great. I don’t have any experience with eclipse, thats why i wanted to take the P5 route…
Just curious if it can be done. Let me know if you get some results.