Message "Could not parse -1 for --display"

From the simplest code (drawing a line) to my most complex projects, I am getting the console message “Could not parse -1 for --display” when I run a sketch. Sketches run fine but I am curious what this refers to. This occurs whether I have set the size of the sketch or not. I am running 3.5.2 on a Raspberry Pi that is up to date.

This is more than curiosity though. I had to troubleshoot a project and this message was throwing me off. It turned out to be unrelated to the mistake I had made. But I am still curious and would appreciate any insight into this message. (I don’t remember seeing it before and searching online turned up very little.) I’m also finishing prep for Processing Community Day tomorrow and don’t want any surprises.


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i work same environment
( RPI 3B+ / RASPBIAN / Processing 3.5.2 )
but i currently not use full / fake KMS
and never see that ?error?
i do see when using P3D renderer

EGLDisplayUtil.EGLDisplays: Shutdown (open: 1)
EGLDisplayUtil: Open EGL Display Connections: 1
EGLDisplayUtil: Open[0]: 0x1: EGLDisplayRef[0x1: refCnt 2]

so could you give a example code where you get that msg and
be more specific about the RPI settings?

This unusual message seems to be fixed in the latest download 3.5.3. From the list of revisions in the latest code (

  • Get rid of errant ‘Could not parse -1 for display’ message.