Materials not working on iPhone in 3D

On newer iPhones (8 and greater), the materials and shading in examples:
are not showing up. It appears that when texture, ambientMaterial, or specularMaterial are used, the shaded objects do not show up. It may be an iOS version issue and not the hardware, but I can’t check to be sure. The latest version iOS 12.0.1 on an iPhone 8+ definitely has this problem, and I have heard from colleagues that iPhone X also has the same issue.

I would recommend submitting this issue, along with the specific iPhone model and OS version that you personally have tested on (and confirming which specific examples you have personally tested) here:

It might also be nice if other recent iPhone users in the forum could help confirm what you are reporting. My 5C, alas, cannot…

Thanks Jeremy

I just submitted a bug report on GitHub.