3d shape with different texture (easy way)?

Hi everyone! Certainly a basic question but… is it possibe to add different textures to a 3d basic shape (for instance a cube)? Using p5.js (and not webgl ou three.js). And if possible without creating a set of different basic shapes (for instance 6 planes or rectangles) ? But as simple as possible, in order to use it with programming beginners. I’d like to use such a feature in programming lessons for beginners at highschool.

Thanks for advices! :smile:


In all of the examples I could find, WebGL was used:

I’m not sure, but this might mean that p5.js can’t texture 3D materials on its own and that it instead relies on other APIs/libraries.

(Though Processing’s P2D and P3D can.)

Thanks TheWizardBear! My own research arrives to same finding. Would be nice if people developping p5.js could add this feature, at least for basic 3d shape as a box. It would have nice effect on beginners motivation! But being able to add a single texture is already great, thanks folks!. And more especially when texture can be a video. Maybe on next version.

By the way, does someone know where we can give feedback and suggestion to this p5.js great developers team? :grinning:


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My experience is this:

For bug fixes or feature request, you can create a ticket in github.

For fixing an actual bug, open the ticket and then follow with a PR. More specifics here

For questions about code, just post here in the forum.


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