Marking code parts

Hi, ive been coding for past 6 months and i have a questions;

  • i dont know how how or if its possible to “color” certain parts of code. Like rect touching part of code is completley unrecognisable between X check and Y check and a lot of sub checks

so it will be like:

clr 1if(<Stuff1>) {
  if(<Stuff1.1>) {


  • how can u raycast in 3D
  • is it ok for 2D raycasting if i want it to be able to bounce on walls if given angle:
xSpeed = (x - mouseX) / dist(mouseX,mouseY,x,y);
//same for Y

x += xSpeed
y += ySpeed

ignore “so it will be like” i thought this had color coding

i will use coments but i would still like some color squares around it

| <text> |

with clr inside

i not fully understand the question,
do you talk about more features for the
Processing IDE 3.4 sketch editor?

so it looks more like


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Kinda, cuz that would really help to orginise

Mostly color things. But some other features could come handy

I have edited your posts to make them more understandable by highlighting the code parts and using the </> button in the forum editor. This surrounds the code with three ` marks, formatting the code with basic syntax highlighting.