Looking for advice on "which" Processing to use

I’m designing an art installation using Raspberry Pi 4 and thousands of LEDs controlled by FaceCandy (using Open Pixel Control protocol). I’m ok using any language and any environment for the Pi and I’m looking for guidance on which way to go; Ideally something with good performance that is reasonably maintained given the art installation will be active for years and will probably need maintenance and updates.

I’m unsure which direction to go given the choice between Processing, P5.js, Processing.py, Processing for Pi and P4Py port.

Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated!


read this

Thanks Jafal for your reply, but as I mentioned I’m already using FaceCandy and well aware of their landing page you linked. What I’m asking is Raspberry Pi 4 + FaceCandy has multiple potential setups and looking for advice on recommended configurations for my use-case.

I never used fadecandy so it’s based on other examples but I often use node.js on raspi for installations. It’s easy to keep things modular and with pm2 you can make it startup and restart when crashed. There seems to be a library for node.js

In any case I would eliminate p5.js because it’s for front-end (runs on the browser) and requires extra work to access hardware.

Thanks for this, I wasn’t aware of the NodeJS extension. Excellent!


Let me know what you decide.

It may give me a reason to fire up my Raspberry Pi.

I have lots of WS2811s to play with.