Processing, Raspberry Pi, and DotStar/neopixel

Hey Folks,

Has anyone used DotStar and NeoPixel LEDs with Processing and Raspberry Pi? It should be possible since Processing can access the GPIO but there’s not a library that I can find. Thanks for the help!

I found this neo pi tuto
and the gpio reference

Neopixel need a very time accurate signal, that the Pi can’t provide over its GIPIOs.
If you want to use Processing with Neopixel (and the Pi), I can recommend a Driverboard called FadeCandy by Micah Scott. It comes with a nice Processing Library, a lot of examples and good documentation.
The FadeCandy Library takes really good care about things like color dithering so the LEDs look even nicer.
I made good experience using FadeCandy with a Raspberry 2B and WS2812B (Neopixel).

APA102 are not fully supported.

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