Local wifi Network on Android

Hi, im new to processing but i already made a little offline game.
I want to make a server within a Mobilephone and make it possible to play together with other users of the app locally via a wifi hotspot of the hosting phhone. No web connection or computer. I only found Librarys for that while not using the android mode.

If you now a way to make a connection like i need it for my app possible please let me now.

With kindly regards Aaron

@Aaron You can try the ketai library which you can install via the Contribution Manager in the PDE. You can use the Wifi example to communicate between two phones on a common wifi network.

There is also a Bluetooth and WiFi-Direct examples which allows two phones to connect to each other directly. Explore the examples and create your own simple sample code and get it working before trying to implement it in your own game.

If it does not run the first time, make sure you have a brand new manifest generated as the one in the example could be from an older Processing Android mode version. How to generate a new manifest file? Open your sketch, go to File >> Sketchbook. This will open a new browser window showing your pde file. In this folder you should find the manifest.xml file. Just rename it to something different like manifest.xml.old and run Processing Android. This will generate the new up to date manifest file.