Server and project networking

Hello all, i am using processing for android and for IOS, i want to creat a server project(Android) and a device project(IOS), and want to connect the IOS project to the Android project, is this doable? I know it works for Android/PC, so I assume this will work too. Thanks in advance, CodeX.

How are you communicating with your server? (In general, your goal is very doable)

It’s not a legit server, i want to use processing’s server/client function family. The “server” is an android tablet, potentially without any required libraries, whilst the other device is literally an iPhone 6 also not equipped with any potential libraries. Would i need to get any libraries? If so what ones?

I’m assuming you’re going to try connecting over wifi? At this point, its about how to get them to talk to eachother. Have you looked into the Client object?

Que es lo que necesitas exactamente? Asumo que el proyecto Android esta escrito en processing/java, pero el proyecto iOS en que lo has escrito?

usas sockets standar? o webSockets?

Usas processing/java? o p5.js?