Communication over laptop's Bluetooth

How can I send & receive data through the laptop’s bluetooth? For example, have an android sketch communicate with a java sketch (running on the laptop) over bluetooth? It’s fairly straightforward how to do the android side (with Ketai library), but how can I implement the PC side?

Note: I’m interested in using the laptop’s embedded Bluetooth. Not in any solutions involving 3rd party modules (i.e. arduino + Bluetooth module over Serial).

Hello Alex,
I have the same problem to solve. So far, I have not found any library on classical processing that can help in Bluetooth communication on a laptop…
I Think we have to check on JAVA API :

Maybe this will be of interest? Instead of Arduino code, use the Ketai library on Android.
Let me know if you succeeded.


You can use the Bluetooth SPP.

I have done this with an app on my phone such as:
Bluetooth RGB

And also with an Arduino + HC05, an app written with Ketai library for an Android device (phone and tablet) and across two PCs.

On the W10 PC side find “More Bluetooth Options” and set up a COM port:

You can then use the Processing serial library to communicate over the COM port:

Processing does not know it is serial over Bluetooth, serial over USB or otherwise… it is just serial communication over a COM port.


Thank you Noel. I have already studied the Ketai library which is made for an Android device. In my case, I have to run my Processing sketch on a PC with Windows 10 or Linux…
I was pretty sure the Ketai library won’t work in my case, but it seems that the next post from glv explains how to proceed.
Tank’s anyway for your advice :-).

OK Great ! I’m going to try asp !! Thank’s a lot :wink:

You don’t need to run the same library. Use Ketai on Android and Serial on PC

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It works perfectly ;-)!!! Thanks. It is finally very easy ;-)…

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You have also inspired me to get back into programming my Android devices!


Your very welcom :-)…

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