Loading images from subfolders

I am developing a game in android and have a lot of images that I need to load, so its much easier for me to use subfolders, but when attempting to load an image in a subfolder, I get this error:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: File example/aaa/0.png contains a path separator

The project works perfectly fine in normal processing, so I have no idea why this isnt working.
Can I not use subfolders in processing for android?

It could be you are not supplying an absolute path?

what do you mean by an absolute path?
All images and paths are within the data folder if that’s what you mean

To people reading this : try running the sketch in Java, then compiling to Android every time it spits out this error, that solved my issue

@F53 === i am very surprised: the error exists and i cannot see how you solved it; you are giving a path when android is waiting for a file…