Loading a gif in Processing

So I need to display a couple of gifs in my sketch, I searched at google a bit, what I found:

  • This example: https://processing.org/examples/animatedsprite.html which doesnt halp me, I need to load a gif; not make one (this would actually be okay for my use but it is dependant on frameRate() ),

  • gifAnimation library seems perfect for me but it is not compatible with the current version,

  • Image Sequence Player library also doesnt help since it is similar to the processing website example

Is there a newer library that can load gif files? If not how can I load gif files? Or I can also try making a class like in the website example but one that doesnt depend on framerate.

Built in function loadImage() supports also gifs. Is there a reason you cannot use it?

It only shows the first frame of a gif as a static image. I want to import the gif as an animation.