Load GIFs in processing 3

Hello im using processing 3 but i cant load the GIFs can anybody tell me how to load a GIFs in processing thank you very much

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Hi @HajarHadi,

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Have a look at : https://github.com/extrapixel/gif-animation/tree/3.0
I tested the examples provided with 3.5.3 version and it worked for me


hi thank you for the answer…I have downloaded it but I dont know how to add it in the library

I’m assuming that you use Processing3 IDE.
You can load images (gif, jpg or png) with load("filename") from sketches folder. You can access the folder from IDE with ctrl-k or from menu Sketch->Open Sketch Folder.

im using processing 3.5.4 version and i did not manage to add the library for GIfs…i used the other way which is from this page http://www.science.smith.edu/dftwiki/index.php/Processing_Tutorial_--_Showing_Animated_Gifs
and it works!