GIFAnimation Library


I have some issues importing the GIFAnimation library in Processing.

In my Contribution Manager, in Processing IDE, I get the notification that GifAnimation 2.3.1. is not compatible with my Processing Version. So I cannot import it.

Next step I took was to download the GifAnimation Library from Github.

And then inserting it in the Processing folder under Program Files…

  • in the folder “libraries”
  • in the folder “library”
  • with the full name “GifAnimation-master”
  • with the name “GifAnimation”

Is this the right approach?
Are there workarounds or alternative libraries?

Please need advice…

Sketch path is not set

The “.jar” file’s name inside subfolder “library/” gotta exactly match the name of the subfolder directly after “libraries/”. :file_folder:


I have doublechecked, and the library has the same name while in the right folder… And still I get the error message…

‘the import gifAnimation cannot be resolved’…

Anyone else had this experience with the library?

  • in the Processing preferences, check where’s your Sketchbook folder.
  • download
  • unzip it somewhere
  • rename “GifAnimation-master” to “GifAnimation”
  • move the renamed folder inside libraries inside the Sketchbook folder
  • launch Processing
  • open Examples
  • go to Contributed Libraries
  • open GifAnimation > gifDisplay
  • run program
  • works! :slight_smile:


I have checked it again, and I was using the wrong “Processing” folder…
Have rerun the steps and now it checks the library…

Thank you for your help!


It looks like 01010101 has unpublished that GifAnimation repository – links are now dead.

Untested, but the original GifAnimation for Processing 1 & 2 does have a “3.0” branch which was last updated 3 years ago.

The README lists Jerome Saint-Claire as the porter – I’m pretty sure that is 01010101, so it looks like maybe the port was migrated back to a branch of the main repo.

Is that working for people on Processing 3?


3.0 branch works great, copied example code and it ran right out of the box.


Hi there. I’m looking for a new maintainer for the GifAnimation library. I don’t have the time to maintain it anymore and Processing has shifted out of my focus. Contact me here or via GitHub issue if you’re interested.