GIFAnimation Library

I have some issues importing the GIFAnimation library in Processing.

In my Contribution Manager, in Processing IDE, I get the notification that GifAnimation 2.3.1. is not compatible with my Processing Version. So I cannot import it.

Next step I took was to download the GifAnimation Library from Github.

And then inserting it in the Processing folder under Program Files…

  • in the folder “libraries”
  • in the folder “library”
  • with the full name “GifAnimation-master”
  • with the name “GifAnimation”

Is this the right approach?
Are there workarounds or alternative libraries?

Please need advice…

The “.jar” file’s name inside subfolder “library/” gotta exactly match the name of the subfolder directly after “libraries/”. :file_folder:

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I have doublechecked, and the library has the same name while in the right folder… And still I get the error message…

‘the import gifAnimation cannot be resolved’…

Anyone else had this experience with the library?

  • in the Processing preferences, check where’s your Sketchbook folder.
  • download
  • unzip it somewhere
  • rename “GifAnimation-master” to “GifAnimation”
  • move the renamed folder inside libraries inside the Sketchbook folder
  • launch Processing
  • open Examples
  • go to Contributed Libraries
  • open GifAnimation > gifDisplay
  • run program
  • works! :slight_smile:

I have checked it again, and I was using the wrong “Processing” folder…
Have rerun the steps and now it checks the library…

Thank you for your help!

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It looks like 01010101 has unpublished that GifAnimation repository – links are now dead.

Untested, but the original GifAnimation for Processing 1 & 2 does have a “3.0” branch which was last updated 3 years ago.

The README lists Jerome Saint-Claire as the porter – I’m pretty sure that is 01010101, so it looks like maybe the port was migrated back to a branch of the main repo.

Is that working for people on Processing 3?

3.0 branch works great, copied example code and it ran right out of the box.

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Hi there. I’m looking for a new maintainer for the GifAnimation library. I don’t have the time to maintain it anymore and Processing has shifted out of my focus. Contact me here or via GitHub issue if you’re interested.

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Just confirming that this library is fully functional on Processing 3.5.4 at this date.