Load custom font in Processing Android Core (made not in PDE)

Hi everyone. I’m having troubles with understanding how to bundle a TTF/OTF font with my Processing app.
To clarify, I do not make the app in PDE/APDE, because I find it to be very simple and I miss my refactoring tools and good autocompletion. So I use Android Studio.

The app works perfectly, except for the fact that I can’t in my life understand how to createFont(…) with a TTF file.
I do not know where to put it.
createFont(“Monospaced”, …) works perfectly (i.e. with a built-in Android font).

So what I tried:
createFont(dataPath("") + “/kaitiotf.otf”, 64) yields java.lang.RuntimeException: Font asset not found /data/user/0/com.kitulous.chineselearn2/files/kaitiotf.otf

So does createFont(“kaitiotf.otf”, 64).

The file actually exists at that location:

I have READ/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions in my manifest and I have also requested them in code with requestPermission(String) and have given them permissions.

hasPermission(“android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”) evaluates to true, so does WRITE.

Btw I’ve found the solution myself.
The Processing Core.jar Android’s “data” folder is in app/src/main/assets
And you just load the font normally: createFont(“file.ttf”, size)

I guess this should have been clarified somethere on Processing for Android website.