Font search for archive

Please, ask for help.
I need different fonts for my application.
And in general, it’s nice to have a stock of different fonts.
If you can, send me a link to your fonts. Archive a set or several pieces - how many are.

It’s important to me.

Thanks in advance. Have a nice day, anyway.

check out google fonts well worth a look. now i re-read your post i might have missed what you were looking for but i’ll leave this post here anyways. you can always just google “open source fonts” and find some good repositories.

I did not quite understand how to get them in the .vlw extension for Processing.
Can you tell me?

Menu Tools | create font ?

Can someone change this (above) archive so that it is in .vlw ???
It really matters to me. You are welcome.

HEEEELP. Please. Please people. :frowning:

i see a big chance that even someone would do that for you still it might not work for you
as POSSIBLY your question is about

even you put it in the processing category?

Didn’t work for you?

In APDE, Android cannot do this, but you can use freely pre-made .vlw fonts.
That is why I asked to change them for me, I have no way to do this with a PC, unfortunately.

But the archive is too large, probably no one will help.

Can you post the links to ttf files? You don’t need all fonts.

The problem is that I can’t calmly choose from the phone, because I need fonts for the application. But I can send you screenshots of the menus and applications, and you choose what you like a couple of options?

You mean you want Cyrillic letters like for Russia?

I just downloaded the zip and I don’t think there are any Cyrillic fonts there

Any idea what the name of the font inside the zip is OR link to a font on google you want?

can’t you use this code?

With createFont

size (600, 600); 

PFont p1 = createFont ("Roboto-Bold.ttf", 18);

textFont (p1);

text("jklahdfIZ ", 15, 22);

I’ll try and write it off. Maybe I’m stupid and did something wrong)

I tried and here is the experience that I got:

UPD: file font ttf in folder :heavy_check_mark:

did you upload ss.ttf as asset to your sketch?

Yes. :((((((((((((((((

Why doesn’t it work? Is the spelling of ss.ttf correct? It’s case-sensitive

Correctly written. Perhaps this does not work on android for some reason.
I am a lucky person) has already found that the keyboard in the Cyrillic alphabet does not capture. Perhaps this should be unsubscribed to the MAIN?

In any case, I need help now.
If you have the opportunity, I need some beautiful simple fonts for Russian and English (for two to support). Is there anything in mind? In .vlw

To be honest I tried but when I downloaded Cyrillic fonts from google (robot and oswald) my computer was showing them as Latin font…

And the font converter (menu tools in processing) didn’t show them so I couldn’t convert them

What a mess…