Open Android wallpaper picker when launching live wallpaper apk created by Processing

I’m using Calsign’s APDE for developing live wallpaper packages for Android, and it is working well. But as of now, (I think even for Processing) the created Live wallpaper signed and exported APK does not open the wallpaper picker menu. The usual way to set the live wallpaper is to go to the android wallpaper picker menu and then choose the wallpaper that was installed.

This does not work on some Android phones running different customizations, like for Samsung Experience / MIUI / TouchOS etc. Those systems don’t allow locally installed live wallpapers to be set.

However, I have tried to install APDE on one such device and build/install/set wallpaper from there, it works.

The question is, is there a way in Processing, to open the wallpaper picker or the ‘Set as wallpaper’ menu when a live wallpaper APK is signed and exported ?

Hi @shysd Welcome o the forum.
Have you tried third party app’s like this one?