Help with live wallpaper - Xiaomi

Hi there!
I am making a couple of live wallpapers for my phone, I have no problem in the coding part, I have no problem (I think) in installing it in my phone, but then for the life of me I can’t actually put the wallpaper to use.
I have a Xiaomi Mi9T Pro.
I have tried installing them on my samsung tablet and they work perfectly.
I have tried disabling the xiaomi “themes” but that didn’t help.

Anyone know what I can do to solve this? Thanks in advance

I have the same problem, I can’t find my wallpaper in my xiaomi.

I found a workaround: there is a Google wallpaper app.
And you can find the wallpaper in there then. (Obviously you can choose to use a non Google app as well, but just for the idea)