Visualize tweets on a map real time

Hi everybody,

I have an idea for a project and looking for guidance/examples on how to get started as a relative newbie

What I would like to achieve:

A 2d map of the world. A way to show a visualisation of tweets from accounts in certain countries in real time.

So every time @FranceExample tweets - a red dot (or something!) will light over Paris.

I know for the twitter part i will have to use the twitter API ( I have the list of twitter accounts, their country and their twitter ID number), and I’ve followed Daniel Shiffmans processing twitter bot tutorials before, just not sure about everything else…

And suggestions would be great.


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Are you planning to use p5.js? Because it’s much more suited for this kind of visualisation stuff with APIs…

For the 2D map, you should use Mappa which is a library for p5.js :