Live data into processing

Hello! I am trying to pull live data from the website below and put it into processing.

I am basically at a level below beginner… What is the best way for doing this? I am reading about APIs and such and getting lost.

Would it be easier if I put the live data in an excel sheet? I believe I can do this easily but there might be a better way?

It is for an art piece :slight_smile:

you could download datas and store them into a json file, wich could be easier to process after with Processing, but you loose the “live” aspect, if it’s important. I saw on the site that the API can send you datas in json format, so I suppose the data you will be able to download manually will be in json also. It’s quite “easy” to parse a json file because it’s constructed as following :

myJson = {
"key_1" : "value",
"key_2" : {
         "key_2-1": "value",
         "key_2-2": "value"

And so on. Keys permits to target one value specifically, or one array/object. So if I want to access to key_2-2 I will write :


But if you are “below the beginner level”, there is no way wich will be really easy, parsing data is always a pain when you are currently learning the basis of code. :upside_down_face:

But for your purpose, it seems to be more appropriate to use p5js. You could easilly access to the API , if the live aspect is important.